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10 Nov - 3 Dec 2023
Head On Photo Festival, outside Bondi Trattoria, 34 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach, NSW

Head On Photo Festival is a world-leading annual event showcasing Australian and international artists across Sydney, presented by the non-profit organisation Head On Foundation.

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Photographed prior to the recent pandemic; images depicting an ominous, corporate life were captured midst the thick hustle and bustle of a city scene. Prior to the pandemic, capturing scenes void of population in a city as busy as Melbourne, Victoria was a feat.

While working as a commercial architectural photographer, I often photographed corporate spaces for sale and lease purposes. Stale, uninspired and sombre. Featuring stark design and tedious lighting, these spaces were expected to welcome the 9 to 5 lives of office workers for years to come.

I was tasked to photograph these places 'inspirationally'. However, I also photographed them as they intrinsically felt- lonely, desolate, and all-consuming.

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That's 1/3 of one's life.

Though the Covid pandemic has inspired a desire for work-life balance, how many of us will actually achieve this long term?

At work, we are replaceable.

The following images depict the story of a corporate worker who finds them self betwixt life and death. In the midst of the unknown, the spirit seeks comfort from familiarity.
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